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About Me

Welcome to my homepage.

My name is Dr. Kathy DiBona and I love my job!

I am so proud to be the principal of Dania Elementary school.  The teachers, staff, and entire community strive to provide the very best for our students. Our students know that we    must all work together to remain "The Best of The Best".

About  Dania Elementary

              Dania Elementary is the oldest school site in Broward County, Florida. It was established in 1914. It is located in the oldest city in South Florida, Dania Beach.My responsibilities include being the CEO of the school and working together with the shareholders and students to maintain a strong instructional focus and maintain a safe school dedicated to ensuring excellence. One of the most exciting aspects of my job is implementing new ideas and providing  access to the future now!  Our school is in the midst of expanding and upgrading our technologies.  Distance learning equipment has been ordered and the latest in digital technology resides here. We have hundreds of imacs and new printers and scanners.  As a state trainer for In tech 2000 technology workshops I have enjoyed searching for and finding many wonderful resources for my faculty, staff and community.  Some I love to share are:

Great WWW Educational Sites: Great WWW Educational Sites:

About Where I Live

            I moved to Hollywood, Florida over 25 years ago from Buffalo, New York.  (Go Bills!)   My husband, Dennis and I now live on the Hollywood Beach and we love it!  My school has the great dolphin as our mascot.  This in usually not at all a problem, except during football season!!!

Other Stuff

          Search engines are a great way to find useful information on the Web. One of my favorites is Education World

Education World