Winnie Adams' Homepage


About Me

My name is Winnie Adams. I am 6th grade World History teacher at Attucks
Middle School. One other thing you should know about me...I love teaching.

About My Classroom

I plan on teaching the following topics: ancient history and geography.
I also plan to enter the Thinkquest junior competition with my 6th grade
students. I am very interested in meeting other teachers who are interested
in these topics.

Great WWW Educational Site

Miami Museum of Science

Electronic Journals

CNN Newsroom

About Where I Live

It is very hot in Hollywood, Florida. The temperature often reaches

Other Stuff

is one of my favorite sites on the internet. This site allows you to combine
several different webpages into a single topic related presentation.
TRACKSTAR, one of the
features of this site, has this information organized in an easy to search/read
formatt. This site also has lesson plans and other informative materials
for both teachers and students.