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About me

Welcome to my Homepage. My name is Vivian Rodriguez and I am a teacher at Olinda Elementary School. I teach 5th grade. I enjoy my profession a lot and look forward to enhancing my education further. I am interested in any ideas that other teachers have to offer and will be pleased to share mine with all of you!

About my Classroom

Olinda is a pod school. We have two teachers per pod. My side of the classroom is arranged in "islands". The students are seated facing each other in groups of eight. my classroom is decorated with many posters that encourage teamwork and cooperation. "There is no I in Teamwoork." That's my motto.

Great WWW Educational Sites

Miami Museum of Science
fastWEB Mailbox! (Introduction)
InTech 2000 Forum
PBS Online
USENET Cookbook - Metric
Webutante: Hip Hop in the Hizzouse

About Where I Live

I live in Miami where it's really happening.

Other Stuff

Search engines are a great way to find useful information on the Web. One of my favorites is Education world

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