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About me.

Welcome to this homepage.My name is Terry Kurpius and I am a science instructor at Miami Beach Senior High School. I teach chemistry and biology and have taught marine science.

Since I am teaching AP Biology this year and am keenly interested in students improving their scores from last year, I am particularly looking for communicating with someone who knows and has a teneable solution to the problem.

About My Classroom.

My classroom is a typical lab area in four lab stations and a lecture area in the front part of the room. We are reasonably well-equiped, but have gone from thermometers to thermisters (CHEMPAC) to thermometers in less than ten years. In the summer I use CBL labs, but using borrowed equipment. During the year it is traditional measurements, despite my efforts to return to the hight-tech classroom.

Other Stuff

Search engines are a great way to find useful information of the Web. One of my favorites is Education World.

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