Tammy Epperson

Brevard County Public Schools

Titusville, Florida  

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    Hi, I am Tammy Epperson and I currently teach at Andrew Jackson Middle School in Titusville.  I teach Language Arts and Drama to 7th and 8th grade students and I also head the Language Arts Department as Department Chair and Team Leader.  I am currently being trained to teach our TV Productions course and take over the Technology Specialists position at our school. In addition, I am completing my Master's Program in Educational Technology at the University of Central Florida.

    In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family. We prefer outdoor activities such as rollerblading, riding Sea Doos, or riding motorcycles, three wheelers, or bicycles.


  InTech 2000:

       My colleagues and I have been Blazing Cybertrails and the CyberSeas to absorb as much information as we can before we leave The Miami Museum of Science. The program is designed to enhance the use of technology in the K-12 classroom. With the help of our trainers, we learned how to effectively teach teachers how to:

       If you would like to share Web sites and/or classroom activities that will help teachers in the state of Florida meet the needs of the Sunshine State Standards please do so on the InTech 2000 Forum.


  Educational Sites:




  • Miami Museum of Science-Hurricane Main Menu
  • Space Team Online
  • Miami Museum of Science-Hurricane Main Menu
  • CLWG: Children's Literature Web Guide
  • Children's Authors & Illustrators, and their Books
  • Welcome to KidStory, kids writing for kids
  • Mpls Inst Arts - Main Menu
  • GXtv
  • UCLA Folklore & Mythology Archives: Folklore, Folk Art, Folk Medicine, Folk Music, Folk Religion, Folk Dance
  • Shakespeare
  • SchoolHouse Rock - The Unofficial Site
  • The Shiki Internet Haiku Salon

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