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A Bit About Me

Welcome to My Homepage!!. My name is Stella and I am a Professor at Miami Dade Community College in Miami, Florida. I am also the Chief Operating Officer of the Florida Trade Data Center in Miami, Florida ,a Center of information on International Trade specializing primarily in the Americas. In my spare time I manage my own company, Intersource & Associates, Inc., which specializes in International Marketing and Training.

About What I Teach

I teach Import, Export and International Marketing courses in the Continuing Education Department at Kendall Campus in Miami, Florida. I also teach these courses to private companies that wish to expand their International sales or understand their export rediness levels.

Here are some great International Trade related sites:

Why Do I Teach in Miami?

Miami has been my home since I came from Colombia in 1961. In addition to its beauty, Miami's geographical location and its vibrant international trade community and has placed it as the "Gateway to the Americas" giving

Why International Trade?

The opportunities in International trade are at an all time high due to the many technological changes that have occurred in the 90's facilitating the quick exchange of data, voice and communications anywhere in the world. International Trade provides certain unique opportunities for entrepreneurship as no other industry can. The opportunities for companies in the Western Hemisphere awaits them!

For More Information:

If you wish, you may contact me at:

Intersource & Associates, Inc.
9515 SW 188 Terrace
Miami, FL 33157
Ph. (305) 278-2448
Fx. (305) 278-2148