The Treasures of Teaching

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 Hi ! My name is Sandrell La Shaun Brown. I am a graduate of Florida Memorial College. I enjoy teaching fourth grade at Pine Lake Elementary and looking forward to the upcoming school year. Iam presently attending Nova Southeastern University in pursuit of a Masters Degree in P-K / Primary Education. My future goal in life is to own and operate a children center.

The Best Moments of this Year

    In my class this year we had several wonderful moments but as a teacher I feel that the best moments are when students actual apply what they have learned. One thing we did this year after studying fractions was that the students made a fraction fruit salad where they could see and understand why fractions are important in life. Secondly, we had a class campagin where students were elected for various offices.They wrote and gave speeches, created posters and buttons and went from class to class persuading students to vote. The students were able to understand and see that voting is important and a way of communicating their needs for the future. Oh, by the way I had the student with the top score on the Florida Writes Test !!!

What I Learned This Year