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Excitement and Energy Come Alive Every Day In My Classroom!

About Me

Welcome to my Homepage.
My name is Marsha Shullman and I am a teacher at Ludlam Elementary School. I teach fourth and fifth grade full time gifted.

I am currently teaching mathematics, science, and social studies. Fifth graders are working on the Civil War, and events leading up to the Constitution. In science, fourth and fifth graders are learning all about chemistry. Fourth graders are studying the history of Florida and are on a journey around the state. I plan on teaching about the human body, anatomy, electricity, and ecosystems. I am very interested in meeting with other teachers who are interested in these topics.

About My Classroom

My classroom is always full of excitement. Hands-on-learning and experiments are part of our daily lessons. In addition, the students share their love for animals with a rabbit, turtle, and 2 gerbils as part of our learning environment.

About Where I live

It is very hot in Miami, Florida. The temperature often reaches 95°. I am a native of Miami and enjoy the sunshine and beautiful weather. The students in my class are able to experience many science related activities such as hiking, camping, astronomy, and the Florida Everglades.


I am very much interested in technology and our goal in our school is connect every classroom to the Internet. We are looking forward to all our students becoming computer literate.

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