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Welcome to my Homepage.
My name is Mary L. Brunner and I am a teacher at Withlacoochee Technical Institute. I teach high school and post-secondary students. I teach the accounting program (both manual and computerized) along with many other of the most popular software programs.

I am originally from Northwest Illinois and graduated from Western Illinois University. Computers as we know them today were nonexistent when I went to college. Originally I had to learn how to use computers in 1980 when training was not available. Currently, I am still learning on my own as I keep up to date with the newest software available.

I love to quilt, sew, knit , and refinish antiques. Computers and cats are my addiction.

About My Classroom

About Where I Live

It is very rural in Citrus County. Traffic jams only occur during "snow bird" season. There are very few Florida Crackers living here. It is a great place to live. We do have two searsons here--hot and hotter. We are within easy travel distance to Gainesville, Orlando, and Tampa.

Other Stuff

Search engines are a great way to find useful information on the Web. One of my favorites is Education World.

Click on the image below to visit the Education World site.

Education World

Below is an example of my classroom except I do not have real animals in attendance--just pictures.

Mary's Classroom Picture

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