Marcus Anglin's Homepage

USI Classroom

About Me

Welcome to my Homepage. My name is Marcus Anglin and I work with the Division of USI Mathematics and Science. I taught high school mathematics before joining the Division.

About My Activities

I plan to conduct workshops on the following topics: Using the internet, Using graphing calculators, and creating web pages. I am interested in meeting with other teachers who are interested in these topics.

About Where I Live

I live in Miami, Florida, home of the Florida Marlins, the 1997 World Series Champions. We also are home to the Miami Dolphins, the only NFL team to go undefeated (17 wins, 0 losses). The Miami Heat, challenged the Chicago Bulls for the NBA title this year but were unsuccessful. A year ago the Florida Panthers vied for the Stanley Cup but came up short. If you don't like sports, then you can always go to the Beaches because here in Miami it's always 90 degrees and sunny.

Other Stuff

Working for the Division of USI Mathematics and Science , which is the Dade County Public Schools' mathematics and science division, my direct responsibility is to coordinate the SECME program, which encourages middle and high school students to pursue degrees in engineering, technology, and the sciences. Conducting workshop for teachers on the use of technology is also an added duty. On special days I get to attend workshops such as the one at the Miami Museum of Science where I get to play with computers all day.

My job is really a lot of fun!