Linda Ulseth's Homepage my Homepage! My name is Linda Ulseth and I am a Technology Resource Specialist for the Osceola County School District. This means that I get to help teachers who are interested in integrating technology into their curriculum. For me its a dream job since I can now get involved in many different subject areas. Up until this year I worked at the secondary level as a 12th grade Economics teacher, and yes I enjoyed that too!

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I also enjoy learning new ways to save time! Being organized is a must for me! Two tools that I've come across lately that look very promising for educators are; the Electronic Curriculum Planning Tool (ECPT) from the Fl. Dept. of Ed. and the Intech2000 Forum website directory initiated by the Miami Museum of Science. Both of these sites are definitely worth taking a look at! If you have some time savers to share please e-mail me at Thanks!

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