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Welcome to my Homepage.

About Me

Hi!!! My name is Lissette Torres. In December 1998, I graduated from Florida International University. I am proud to say that I am now doing what I love. I am teaching elementary school. I am a third grade teacher at Hibiscus Elementary. This is my first year teaching. In my class of 32 students, I teach Reading, Language Arts, Social Studies, Social Studies, and Science. Science seems to be my students favorite subject!!! My 40 minute drive to work is worth it beacuse my student's seem to love learning as I love teaching!!!

About My Classroom

About Where I Live

I live in Miami. I love this city because there is always something to do or see. The best part about living in Miami is not having to wear sweeters. It is very hot in Miami, Florida. The temperature often reaches 98°. Al though it is nice to live where all you wear is shorts, it is sad that for the past month we haven't had any rain. That caused brush fires in dry grass areas. Many peoplr were in danger. Now I am happy to say that it has rained and the environment is moist.

Other Stuff

Search engines are a great way to find useful information on the Web. One of my favorites is Education World.

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