Kay, Laura, and Linda's Homepage


About us

Welcome to our Homepage. Our names (left to right) are Kay D. Broughton, Laura P. Colo, and Linda H. Thompson--we make up the PreK-12 Language Arts/Reading/ESOL Department for The School District of Escambia County.

We are very interested in sharing information with other teachers and administrators who are interested in these topics.

We have just completed and distributed our first draft of the Escambia County PreK-12 Curriculum Guide and our teachers are reviewing the draft and correlating their lesson plans to the new Sunshine State Standards. In 1994, educators from around the state began a process to rewrite the Curriculum Frameworks in seven major disciplines (Language Arts, Foreign Language, Math, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education and Wellness, and Fine Arts) The new Florida Curriculum Frameworks contain information for curriculum and instruction planners in the districts to use as Florida enters the 21st century where our schools, staff, and students will be assessed on what they "know and can do."

We are offering inservice training to our teachers to assist them in implementing the new benchmarks; with an emphasis on specific strategies like CRISS, Power Writing, SOAR, Lifesavers-strategies that teach reading, writing, listening and thinking skills across the curriculum.


Where we live

Lucky us! We live in the Florida Panhandle (Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties) which is sometimes called The Emerald Coast. Pensacola is the home of the Navy Blue Angels, the Naval Aviation Museum, the Seville Historic District, and plenty of beautiful sugar-white beaches.

To learn more about Florida's First City and the surrounding area, visit our web site.