Welcome to my home page! My name is Lee Ann Spillane and I am a teacher at Winter Park High School as well as a graduate student at the University of Central Florida. I currently teach tenth, eleventh and twelfth grade English and am in the midst of a doctoral program in curriculum and instruction. I am interested in meeting with practicing teacher-researchers and teachers who run workshop based classrooms. I also love hearing from anyone who shares my passions for art, writing or reading!

What do you say to students
when they ask you to feed them information?

A few years ago I noticed the more I answered my students' simple questions (such as how to spell a word) the more they refused to think or problem solve for themselves. Unfortunately, some students become disgruntled when I do not give immediate answers to their questions. Instead of thinking for themselves they want me to think for them. I encourage them, redirect their efforts, and if they ask me why I won't simply tell them I give them this short passage from NCRELto read.

Once students realize I value and encourage their thinking they not only put forth more effort but their attitude improves as well.

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