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Welcome to my Homepage.
My name is Latonia Y. McClain and I am an effective and efficient teacher at Silver Bluff Elemenatry School, where every child learns to become independent and productive citizens. I teach Specific Learning Disabled students in a Varying Exceptionality setting. These students are in grades K-3.

About My Classroom

I teach my students Reading, Language Arts and Math.I show them an abundance of affection in return I get the same.

Great WWW Educational Sites

Miami Museum Science

About Where I Live

I am very interested in meeting with other teachers who are interested in the learning process of all grade-level students, who teaches across the curriculum (this includes Special Education: inclusion, mainstream, resource and Regular Education settings).It is very hot and humid in Miami, Florida. Often the temperature reachers 98°, which attracts many tourists. BEACH TIME don't forget your sun.

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