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About me

My name is Lydia Kramer. I am a teacher at Emerson Elementary. I teach ESOL, (English to Speaker of Other Language) I teach English to inmigrant children from countries where another language is spoken.I teach all grades from Kindergarten to fifthgrade.

About my class.

I have been teaching mostly cuban children that came from Guantanamo or rafters, but I also have children from Nicaragua, Mexico, El Salvador, Peru, Honduras , Ecuador and Brazil. To my children I am the bridge between two cultures, their own, and that of U.S.A. They are very motivated and to me is very rewarding when I see them mainstreamed.

In my class I use language masters to reinforce concepts and vocabulary, I also use computer for grammar, reading, phonics and litterature. I use lots of pictures and materials for audiovisual approach. We do oral drills for pronunciation and dialogs for conversation practice. I correlate my classes with Social Studies,Math and Science. It's amazing how fast some of them can learn!

I also belong to many UNICEF, Cuban University Women Ass. (A.C.M.U ), Centro Hispano Catolico, Associacion Interamericana de Hombres de Empresa,and American Cancer Society. I am a Real Estate Agent for Century 21.

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About where I live

It is very hot in Miami, Florida. The temperature often reaches 98. I love it! We can go sailing or snorkeling almost all year round.