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Welcome to our Homepage. My name is Karen Gallagher and I am a teacher at Ludlam Elementary School in Miami, Florida. I teach second and third grade full time gifted in the Infinity Center.

Our Classroom

Our classroom is an exciting place. We have a technology center consisting of four new Dell computers. Two of those have Internet capabilities. A wide variety of software allows for multi-media presentation. As a result our classroom is the world! Students work in teams to meet a variety of learning goals. Our language arts program is literature based. Mathematics instruction is augmented by an emphasis on basic skills and real world problems. Science is hands-on and filled with serendipitious discovery. Social studies experiences are enlivened by the multi-cultural community that is Miami. Currently we have a Japanese intern, Reiko Takahashi, who uses our classroom as a home base. Ms. Takahashi has enriched our studies with the cumulative wisdom of centuries of Japanese culture. Visit us if you can. If not, we would be delighted to cyber-communicate with you!

Great WWW Educational Sites


Search engines are a great way to find useful information on the Web. One of my favorites is Education World. Click on the image below to visit the Education World site.
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