Welcome to Jamie's Homepage 

About me:
I enjoy my work as a consultant, establishing satellite office locations.  This work includes finding real estate, low-end build-out, budgeting, ordering furniture, office equipment, networking, and more.  My husband and I enjoy sailing, outdoor sports and spending our occasional free moments with our kids and friends.  (check out our other page)
Other stuff:
I have an undergraduate degree in German and Spanish and am working on a graduate degree in Educational Technology.  I like to find sites relevant to teaching young children foreign language skills, games and songs.  Here are some of my favorites.  If you have any others, please e-mail me !

A todo color  - These are ideas used in kindergarten from Houghton Mifflin's "Invitaciones" program. This site has              activities that can be used in a kindergaten or preschool level for learning Spanish.

Algunos Lugares en Español - These are places on the internet here you can find information in Spanish. Most are from Mexico,           Central America or South America. An excellent selection is the Noticias de Mexico y el mundo" and "Periodicos".

Basic Spanish for the Virtual Student - This site offers 50+ modules covering pronunciation, nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, nouns, and other themes.

Buckman Kindergarten Spanish Counting Book - A project created by kids using Kid Pix and Kid Pix Companion at an Oregon Public School. An excellent resource for teaching younger students how to count and identify a few items in Spanish.

Center for the Study of Books in Spanish - A search tool for finding book titles in Spanish, based on age/grade, title, subject matter, or ISBN if you have it. An excellent way of locating the spanish version of books to be used for bilingual instruction.

Coleman's Website for Hispanists - An excellent site for students and teachers of Spanish. Includes cultural exchange programs, e-mail and penpal sources, news, culture, government, politics, and more.

Foreign Language Lesson Plans and Resources - Lesson plans and activites for multiple languages, including a huge selection of resources!

Foreign Language News and Newspapers - Electronic journals, newspapers and magazines in Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

German for Beginners - An excellent site for the study of German, including links, audio and more.

German Studies Trails on the Web - An interdisciplinary German resource with excellent literary, cultural and fun links for many age groups.

Mundo Zoo - A virtual zoo with a large selection of animals in catagories based on environment. Full descriptions are  given in Spanish with nice graphics and pictures for each animal. An excellent source.

Stories / Games - This site has interactive stories for preK and early elementary children. The site is available in Spanish, English and German. A fun site with bright graphics.

Webspañol - This site includes several activities as well as other activities (e-mail, chat, etc). My personal favorite was the "devil verbs" link.

Willkommen zum CyberGerman Schreibprogramm - A complete resource for teaching all levels of German. This site includes excellent grammar and communication lessons.