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Welcome to my Homepage.
My name is Jeri Cross and I am a teacher at Central Park Elementary School. I teach Kindergarten, and co-chair the Technology Committee. I am a member of the Pyramid Cadre for Technology for Broward County. this is my second summer of participating in the pyramid. My background is in Fine Arts Education with a Master of Fine Arts Education from Montclair State University. Since moving to Florida in 1989 I have completed an Educational Specialist Degree in Computer Science Education at Nova Southeastern University. I love using the creative aspects of the computer to have my students learn.

About My Classroom

I plan on teaching reading to my students using the computer to create stories. I'm interested in hearing from others who use the computer in a Kindergarten classroom to create stories using a multi-media approach.

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About Where I Work

pyramids.gifIt is very hot in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. the temperature often reaches 98degrees. My school is in Plantation, Florida.

Other Stuff

Search engines are a good way to find useful information on the web. One of my favorites is Education World.

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