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About Me

My name is Joe Crawley and I am a teacher at Citrus High School in Citrus County Fla. I have worked with High School Students for the past 17 years. I have attempted during that time to close the gap between where students are and the skills found on the High School Competency Test (HSCT).

Purpose of this Page

To share my materials with you in order to help in your efforts to close the gap between where students are and the benchmarks found on the FCAT and the HSCT.

Description of material

I have prepared a tutorial for FCAT and HSCT. There are approximately 200 questions with remedial screens for each. The tutorial also provides a grade and additional questions when a problem is missed. The HSCT review is also helpful to review FCAT skills at the middle school level.

You will need Hyperstudio to use the tutorial. If you do not have Hyperstudio you can down load the appropriate  player program: Mac-- Windows 3.1--Windows 95/98 from

Download the FCAT/HSCT program by clicking the link below. There is a read file in the tutorial which provides additional instructions. I would appreciate your comments on how I might improve the tutorial.

Joe Crawley / Florida League Of Teachers

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