Heather Stinson's Homepage

Welcome to my homepage.

My name is Heather Stinson and I am a teacher at Jenkins Middle School,

home of the Eaglles and the Soaring on Success Program.

I teach 7th grade Language Arts. Many of the sites below are realated to our classroom activities.

I am a certified trainer in CRISS

(Creating Independence through Student Owned Strategies)

FlloridaCurriculum Frameworks

InTech Cyberseas 2000

(The integration of Language Arts Learning with Technology, Internet, and the Media)

I am interested in communicating and collaborating

to share resources with fellow teachers and students.

You may email me at heather@gbso.net

I will respond A.S.A.P

Here are some hot links to some of our favorite sites:

Great WWW Educational Sites:

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Fun with Words
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Miami Museum of Science-CyberSeas
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National Council of Teachers of English - Welcome!
R. L. Stine !!!
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Hope you Soar on your Success!