Welcome to Galletti's Homepage

About me:

Welcome to my Homepage. My name is H. Galletti and I am a teacher at Miami Palmetto Senior High School. I am a mathematics teacher and this year I am teaching computer programming and computer applications.

About my classess:

I teach Windows 95B , C++, Pascal, and Word 97 under a Novell network. I am interested in meeting with other teachers who are interested in these topics.

Other Stuff:

Search engines are a great way to find useful information on the Web. One of my favorites is Education World.

Education World

Great WWW Educational Sites

About where I teach:

It is very hot in Miami. The temperature often reaches 98°. My computer lab has over 30 computers and monitors that output a considerable amount of heat. Whenever the air conditioner unit to the classroom is down, it becomes just too hot to turn the computers on, so I have to change the lesson plans and spend the classtime discussing computer topics and current issues.