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Welcome to my Homepage.

My name is Garry Lefton. I am the Technology Facilitator at Olinda Elementary School. We are located in the heart of Liberty City in Miami.

I plan on teaching all the teachers and students at my school the fine art of "surfing the net". Our school is presently planning on getting on the WAN by the springtime. Hopefully many of my students will be able to interact with yours in the near future.

About Me

I've been a teacher in Dade County for 20 years now. Just waiting for the day when computers would start playing a role in the teacher/student learning process. I was first introduced to computers in the days of the dinosaur. Back then the mainframe computer was housed in a building about the size of a gymnasium. My part time job at USF was to take students input cards, load them into the feeder, and retrieve printouts off a huge 36"wide printer. Students recieved their work about 30 minutes later. About two years ago I was given the opportunity to leave the classroom and become an Operation Safety Net technology facilitator. Helping others to combat their fear of this technology monster is my greatest love.

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