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Hello! Welcome to my Homepage. My name is Gary Corbitt. I'm a fifth grade teacher at Hallandale Elementary School, in Hallandale, Florida. I teach a self-contained fifth grade class.

My School

Hallandale Elementary School is a Multi-Track, Year-Round School. Our calendar is called the Maximum Achievement Calendar (M.A.C. ). Our school population is divided into five sections or tracks. Four of the five tracks are in session at once. Each track is identified by a color, mine being Blue. There are several reasons why I like working in a Year-Round School. One of the reasons is I have less remediation time at the beginning of the year. I am able to start my students closer to the point where they left off last year. Another reason is the great vacation times throughout the year.

About my Classroom

My classroom has 29 students at this time. We are beginning the novel Sounder in Reading. We will use the text of this novel to continue to build our Reading Comprehension Skills. We will also incorporate the fantastic writing skills that the boys and girls developed last year, and demonstrated on the Florida Writes Examination. Our Mathematics textbooks are new this year. We have adopted the Scott Foresman-Addison Wesley text. We will be working very hard in Math this year, so that we will be well prepared for the F.C.A.T. Examination in February.

Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies will incorporate a number of different activities. We will be writing letters for information from differents states in this country, complete a research topic on a chosen subject in Science and Social Studies. All in all, we're looking forward to a great time this year.


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