Welcome to my Homepage.

My name is Gloria Berger and I am the Technology Specialist at Coconut Creek High School. Coconut Creek High School is located in the South Florida about 10 miles north west of Ft. Lauderdale. Coconut Creek is a large high school serving almost 2,800 students.

I am part of our Support Staff and am located in the Media Center. As Technology Specialist, I'm responsible for all educational technologies on our campus: computers, printers, scanners, etc. Besides taking care of the equipment, I act as the Technology consulant to the campus. I view the campus as my "classroom", where I assist our teachers and administrators in gaining the skills the they need to become more effective users of technology. This means providing them training in the useage of a variety of computer applications and then helping them integrate these into their classroom and office.

I still find time work with our students when they are involved in special projects such developing multimedia reports for their classes. The use of the Internet has become an important source of information on our campus. Our students sign an Acceptable Use Form (AUP) and then are able to utilize the Internet.

An example of a special project I have faciliated is working with students inrolled in Career Exploration. In this project, the students use the Internet as one of many sources to gather information abouta variety of careers. Listed below are some links to sites that contained valuable career information.

This summer (98'), I am participating in a integration project sponsored by Broward County Schools called "Pyramid Project". The Pyramid Project is a "train-the-trainer" program in which representatives of each of our Innovation Zones are trained to become "site experts" to assist and train their collegues on how to integrate technology into their classrooms.

My fellow Pyramid Council members know that I am a Harley Davidson enthusiast. I promised them that I would post a picture of me and my 95' Harley Davidson Hugger. If you live in South Florida, look for me on the weekends.