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About Me (As if you really wanted to know.)

Hey there. Welcome to my obscure corner of the web (which I wonder if anyone will visit). My name is Fred Green, and I'm a teacher at Southwest High. I teach 11th grade English (or at least attempt to).

I plan on teaching the following topics: writing, literature, grammar, writing, a unit on the Holocaust, writing, the various periods of American history to tie in with literature, and of course writing. Did I mention that I would be teaching writing? I would like to hear from other teachers who are also interested in these topics. Or even if you're not. What the heck, just drop me a line.

Some personal info. (but not too personal)

If you'd like to know a little personal information about me, then... forget it! You think I'm going to share that with the world? Of course I am - I was just kidding. I have a wonderful wife named Vikki who's also a teacher (5th grade) and a beautiful two-year-old daughter named Emma. (At least, I think she's beautiful; I might be a tad biased.) I live in Miami, FL, where there are two seasons (wet and dry) and everyone drives like a maniac (except me, of course).

My Own Stuff

Two short stories I have written (I'd appreciate any feedback on these).

Other Stuff

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Yet More Stuff

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