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Some folks wax the floor.

Others wax the car.

I just wax poetic.

It's preferable by far.

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It has always been my philosophy that learning is enhanced if presented in an interesting manner. I have found that my students respond well to materials presented poetically . Poetry is conducive to an interdisiplinary approach. I am very interested in meeting with teachers who are interested in using this method of teaching.

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The following selection, written at a primary level integrates limerick configuration, the metamophasis of amphibians, self esteem, and contractions.

Rad Thad

There once was a fish named Fred,

Who lived happily in a river bed.

He swam all day,

Loved to dive and play.

He did this until the sky turned red.

One day he made a new fish friend,

Over by the edge of the river bend.

His newly found buddy,

Liked the water muddy,

And alot of time together they'd spend.

Fred's new friend had alot of soul.

He called himself Thad Tadpole.

It didn't matter to Fred,

That that Thad wasn't salmon red

Because red wasn't Thadius' goal.

As the summer days passed by,

Fred couldn't believe his eye.

His close friend Thad,

Was doing things rad,

And it made poor Fred want to cry.

Thad began growing legs, lost his tail,

And his gills had begun to fail.

It just wasn't fair.

He could breathe air,

And the river was no longer his jail.


Thad explained to Fred in a patient way,

Why in the water he couldn't always stay.

" I'm an amphibian called a frog.

I can live on land like a hog,

But I'll visit you in the river each day."

They remained friends forever Fred and Thad.

It was the best friendship anyone ever had.

So, it just goes to show,

Being different isn't a no no.

And the ending to this story isn't sad.

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2. Rigamourtis Raccoon - Integrates vivid vocabulary with a drug unit.

3.Plays ( 2 acts written in verse ) -" The United Kingdom of Knowledge "- Literature is integrated with an introduction to Algebra. Also available is " Gregory the Gregarious Gargoyle " - Geography is integrated with history and mythology.

For more inforamtion on the above poems please contact: Emerson Elementary 8001 SW 36 St., Miami, Florida 33155, (305) 264-5757.