This page was created at the Miami Museum of Science through the InTech 2000 "Blazing CyberTrails" Inservice
Some of what you are about to read and see ("My InTech 2000 Experience") is not to be taken too seriously. ;-)

My Miami WebPage: Eric Englert

Welcome to my personal Web page. My name as you can see above is Eric Englert. I am an Instructional Technology Trainer for
Santa Rosa District Schools. I conduct a variety of workshops for my district with a focus on the Internet. I am always interested in exchanging information with individuals who serve similar duties in their districts. I can be contacted through the e-mail address provided at the bottom of this page.

[image of Eric Englert]

Here I am at the Entrance Gate to Sly Stallone's house in Miami.


I spent the first twelve years of my life in Owensboro, Kentucky. I spent the next eight years moving back and forth between O'boro and Nashville, Tennessee (actually Smyrna, TN) for various reasons. Shortly before my 20th birthday, I went to Pensacola, Florida for a vacation, fell in love with the area, and moved down two months later. I became a teacher in 1986, following in the footsteps of my mother (and my father; though he had to give up teaching to support a three-child family).

I fell in love with computers while teaching and have since moved out of the classroom and into the training lab. I now work at the Professional Development Center in Milton, Florida for Santa Rosa District Schools. I LOVE my job!!!

My Interests

I love to read.

I enjoy playing/working on computers: software, hardware, and telecommunications.

I have become a compulsive walker.

My InTech 2000 Experience

The workshop was a great experience for me.

I stayed very busy...

[Sweatshop Image]

The instructors were friendly...

[Instructors Image]

Mike, David, Tony, José (Brooks is not pictured; camera shy)

The presentations were visually appealing...

[Presentation Image]

Lunch was provided daily, and was a delightful experience...

[Lunch Image]

The workshop really expanded my knowledge base...

But the instructors were careful to ensure our bodies received a workout, too...

(they made us run to Orlando and lift this really heavy ball)

[Muscular Image]

After hours, the instructors made sure we were well entertained...

[Parrot Image]

José even took us for a joy ride around the city...


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