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Welcome to my Homepage. I'm Don Winterton, a technology trainer with the Panhandle Area Educational Consortium (PAEC) . PAEC serves twelve rural counties in north and northwest Florida, from Walton County eastward to Madison County. PAEC is based in Chipley , Florida (Washington County), however, I maintain and operate out of the PAEC Eastern Office, located at Greenville Middle School in Madison County. I conduct technology training workshops, from using the Internet (email, web browsing), to specific applications (basic computer skills, word processing, etc).

Picture My friend here is an Aldabra Tortoise, Aldabra elephantina from the Seychelles Islands in the India Ocean. This specimen has been a long time resident of the Miami Museum of Science. Obviviously, I like turtles, tortoises, and other reptiles! The warm & humid Miami/South Florida environment is very similar to the Seychelles Islands.

I live on our 110 acre farm, just 2 miles south of the Florida-Georgia border, in northern Madison County. This is my 29th year in Florida education, having served as a classroom teacher, school principal, and Internet Coordinator for the Florida DOE / FSU Schoolyear 2000 Initiative . My wife, Lynne, a former VE teacher, owns and manages Campus Cards. As a professional artist, she hand-paints designs for her line of collegiate and animal greeting cards, both Christmas and note cards, depicting collegiate logos and animal designs, with whimsical verses. Lynne & I have three children, Kaci, Jamie & Don. Don lives in West Virginia, Jamie is a freshman at the Univ. of South Carolina, and Kaci is in the 8th grade.

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