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Welcome to my Homepage.  
My name is Dale Voorhees and I am an instructional designer at the University of Central Florida.  I work with instructors to redesign traditional face to face course for delivery on the Internet.

About My Work

I also design, create, and deliver training for instructors and students to teach and learn effectively on the Internet.  I am interested in meeting with other instructional designers who are interested in these topics.

Great WWW Educational Sites

The University of Central Florida 
UCF Distributed Learning


About Where I Live

I live in Oviedo, Florida. It is near Orlando (You know Mickey Mouse) yet it is far enough in the country to be free of tourists.  There are two events in Oviedo that should be attended each year.  The first is "Great Day in the Country", which is a crafts fair held in November. The second is "A Taste of Oviedo", which is a arts fair and food tasting event held in May.


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