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Welcome to my homepage.
My name is Dave Scanga and I am an Assistant Principal at West Zephyrhills Elementary School. I have worked in Pasco County School District for three years. Before that, my wife, Linda and I traveled the world for ten years living and working in three countries: Zambia, Africa, Saudi Arabia , and Japan. We worked in overseas private schools that catered to expatriate families . While traveling around the world we also managed to have to children (who says children slow you down), Micah and Sabrina. My educational background is mostly in Guidance and School Psychology. I began working in the Applician Mountains of Pennsylvania (where I grew up) and West Virginia. I am a very happy transplant to Florida where the weather and active environment suits me.

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About Where I Live

Prevously I said how I love Florida. Florida has long summers and short, mild winters. Average temperatures are in the middle 70's most of the year. And despite the average rainfall of 50-75 inches a year, we still manage to be known as the Sunshine State. Around Tampa/St.Petersburg, the closest cities, we also known as the lightening capital of the USA, because of the summer thundershowers. Hurricane season runs from June and ends in October.

The town that I live in in Dade City about 30 minutes north of City of Tampa. Dade City is one of the older towns in the area and is the county seat of Pasco County. It is a lovely old Florida town with houses built under the towering branches of old oak trees, hung heavy with Spanish Moss. Visitors can walk around the historic center of town with charming antique shops and restaurants offering a variety of Southern dishes. Visit Dade City during the spring and the town will be alive with azaleas in bloom. Flowers of different varieties are in bloom practically year round, not to mention the magnolia trees and orange blossoms.

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Search engines are a great way to find useful information on the Web. One of my favorites is Educational World.

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