Bookmarks for Educators

By Darrell Layfield

Sunshine State Standards
InTech 2000 Forum
STEPS  -  Great Resource for Sunshine State Standards
Electronic Curriculum Planning Tools - Lesson plan tool for Sunshine State Standards
Lesson Plans/Search Tools
A Teacher's Home Page
American School Directory
Area Centers for Educational Enhancement
AskERIC Lesson Plans
Astronaut Memorial Foundation - Great resource for teacher training
Blue Ice: Home
CCCnet: K-12 Curriculum and Lesson Planning for Teachers
Education Index - Mega educational web sites
Education World
Educational Hotlists
Encarta Lesson Collection: Welcome
Florida Information Resource Network: FIRN
Forefront Curriculum-Internet Training & Curriculum Development
Guides to Education Resources on the Net
Hands On Children's>Museum
How to Search the World Wide Web: A Tutorial and Guide for Beginners
Instructional Technology Resource Center
International Society for Technology in Education
Internet Connections | Lesson Plans and Activities | Social Studies
Internet Resources for School Administrators
Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators
Kids Web - Classic
Kids Web - New
Marc's Lesson Plans Page
McGraw-Hill School Division Teaching Resources: Social Studies
Metacrawler query: lesson plans
Metacrawler query: social studies lesson plans
Metacra wler query: teacher resources
NASA Online Educational Resources
News for Educators Online Now
NickNacks - Encourage telecollaboration among educators and students around the world.
Pitsco Resources for Teachers
Resource 2000 - 100's of educational sites
Road Map to the Internet - T.H.E. Journal
Ron MacKinnon's Educational Bookmarks
Route 6-16: Links to safe places on the internet
Sebring Middle School - Internet resources for teachers, students and parents. By Suzan Wedig
Social Studies Lesson Plans - CSRnet
Social Studies Lesson Plans and Resources
Stephanie's page of lesson plans
The Lesson Plans Page