Welcome To My Homepage!
My name is Dale Kaplan and I'm a 5th grade teacher at Lake Forest Elementary School. I graduated from the University of Florida and have taught in Broward County Schools for 12 years.

I can be contacted at: LFE Ranger@aol.com

About My Classroom

Technology is integrated into as many areas of the curriculm as possible. My students use ClarisWorks to write stories and do research projects. They also use it for their Science Fair Projects (research, charts and graphs). I created a HyperStudio game of Jeopardy, that my students love to play as a review of the skills they have learned. Students spend as much time as possible on the computers in my room for learning, remediation and enrichment. My classroom is a warm, friendly, and supportive learning environment.

About My School

Lake Forest Elementary is located in Hollywood, Florida. Our mission is to provide a stimulating and challenging learning environment that meets the needs of all students and enables them to reach their maximum potential.

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