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About Me

My name is Dolores Vazquez Flores. Welcome to my Homepage. I am a teacher at North Miami Elementary School where I teach third grade TEAM. I have an Associates Degree in Civil Engineering and a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education with a minor in Reading from Florida International University. I am currently working toward a Master's Degree in Mathematics Education from Florida State University.

About My Classroom

I plan on teaching the following topics: solar system, simple machines, rainforest, weather, plants, problem solving, and animals. I am very interested in corresponding with other educators who are interested in these topics.

About Where I Live

South Florida is an exciting place to live. The weather is wonderful year-round. If you love water sports, fine art, historical architecture, and even international cuisine, this is the place for you! The night life is fabulous. There is something for everyone here. I have included some points of interest. Just click on the link of your choice to explore more of South Florida.

South Florida Points of Interest