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This page was created during an InTech 2000 training.  Believe it or not, it is very simple thanks to the excellent training materials provided by the Miami Museum of Science! 

My name is Cindy Brown.  I am a Technology Facilitator at Altamonte Elementary School in Seminole County, Florida.  My job duties include training thestaff how to integrate various technology programs into their curriculum, hardware and software troubleshooting, partnering with the Media Specialist to teach technology/media lessons to our students, writing grants, and ordering new software and hardware.  It's lots of fun! 

I am currently enrolled in the Educational Technology Master's program at the University of Central Florida.  This program is a must for anyone interested in becoming a Technology Facilitator in an elementary, middle, or high school setting!

Favorite Links

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Web Quests

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How to Contact Me:
Altamonte Elementary Phone #: (407) 831-6606
Altamonte Elementary Fax #:  (407) 831-6668

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