Welcome to my homepage. My name is Ada Fernandez-Vicaria and I am the school counselor at George Washington Carver Elementary in historic Coconut Grove neighborhood of Coral Gables, Florida. I work with students from pre-kindergarten through the fifth grade.

Counseling Issues

Some of the counseling issues I deal with are:

Dade Counseling Association/BRIDGES newsletter

As a professional counselor, I am active in the Dade Counseling Association , our county chapter of the Florida Counseling Association. I am the editor of BRIDGES, the Association's newsletter. In this role, I am always looking for information on resources, services, legislation,and trends impacting the counseling profession.

Where I Live and Work

Dade County lies at the Southeastern end of Florida, between the Atlantic Ocean and the Everglades. We have warm weather and bright sunshine year round, with wet and dry seasons alternating. Because of our lovely climate, we can enjoy outdoor activities, including the beaches, all year long.

Dade County includes Miami, Miami Beach, Hialeah, and many smaller municipalities, but most people think of all of it as Miami. We have a very large public school system serving over 300,000 students from dozens of countries, different economic levels and various ethnic backgrounds. Within this system there are magnet schools, enrichment programs, and schools of choice providing a wide range of educational opportunities for our students.

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Other Interests

On a personal level, other issues on which I am interested in receiving and sharing information are: