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C. Government and the Citizen [Civics and Government]: 1. The student understands the structure, functions, and purposes of government and how the principles and values of American democracy are reflected in American constitutional government.: 9-12: The student...

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understands the nature of political authority and the nature of the relationship between government and civil society in limited governments (e.g. constitutional democracies) and unlimited governments (e.g. totalitarian regimes).

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understands the ideas that led to the creation of limited government in the United States (e.g., ideas of natural rights philosophy, and the concept of popular sovereignty).

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understands how the overall design and specific features of the Constitution prevent the abuse of power by aggregating power at the national, state, and local levels; dispersing power among different levels of government; and using a system of checks and balances (e.g., federalism).

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understands the role of special interest groups, political parties, the media, public opinion, and majority/minority conflicts on the development of public policy and the political process.

Activity: Presidents on trial

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