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Social Studies

A. Time, Continuity, and Change [History]: 6. The student understands the history of Florida and its people.: 6-8: The student...

SS.A.6.3.1 Add Website - Add Activity

understands how immigration and settlement patterns have shaped the history of Florida.

SS.A.6.3.2 Add Website - Add Activity

knows the unique geographic and demographic characteristics that define Florida as a region.

SS.A.6.3.3 Add Website - Add Activity

knows how the environment of Florida has been modified by the values, traditions, and actions of various groups who have inhabited the state.

SS.A.6.3.4 Add Website - Add Activity

understands how the interactions of societies and cultures have influenced Florida,s history.

St. Augustine's History

Explains the history of St. Agustine with illustration and narratives. Includes history of Henry Flagler and his contributions.

Florida Department of State - Division of Historical Resources

A comprehensive website covering archaeology, folklife, grants, museums, people and programs, historical preservation, heritage publications, and underwater archaeological preserves.

Seminole Tribe - History, Where We Came From

Website created by the Seminole Indian Tribe. It gives a great description of Seminole History with many additional links.

SS.A.6.3.5Add Website - Add Activity

understands how Florida has allocated and used resources and the consequences of those economic decisions.

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