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Social Studies

A. Time, Continuity, and Change [History]: 5. The student understands U.S. history from 1880 to the present day.: 6-8: The student...

SS.A.5.3.1 Add Website - Add Activity

understands the role of physical and cultural geography in shaping events in the United States since 1880 (e.g., western settlement, immigration patterns, and urbanization).

The American Experience/Surviving the Dust Bowl

This website gives teachers and students alike a broad base of knowledge concerning the Dust Bowl. The site includes pictures, timelines, anthologies, and a very useful teacher's guide of activities based upon the documentary.

Activity: Dust Bowl, Where?

SS.A.5.3.2 Add Website - Add Activity

understands ways that significant individuals and events influenced economic, social, and political systems in the United States after 1880.

75 Suffragists

Offers a list of 75 suffragists leaders who gained remarkable favor and encourage a nationwide movement.

SS.A.5.3.3 Add Website - Add Activity

knows the causes and consequences of urbanization that occurred in the United States after 1880 (e.g., causes such as industrialization; consequences such as poor living conditions in cities and employment conditions).

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