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Social Studies

A. Time, Continuity, and Change [History]: 5. The student understands U.S. history from 1880 to the present day.: 3-5: The student...

SS.A.5.2.1 Add Website - Add Activity

knows that after the Civil War, massive immigration, big business, and mechanized farming transformed American life.

Activity: The Golden Door!

SS.A.5.2.2 Add Website - Add Activity

knows the social and political consequences of industrialization and urbanization in the United States after 1880.

National Museum of Women's History

Contains historial image gallery, timeline, quiz, and additional resources.

SS.A.5.2.3 Add Website - Add Activity

knows the political causes and outcomes of World War I.

SS.A.5.2.4 Add Website - Add Activity

understands social and cultural transformations of the 1920s and 1930s.

Women in the Workplace

Throughout American history, women have worked outside the home; their struggles and achievements in the workplace have helped to mold the character of the nation.

The 1920's

Extremely comprehensive site with excellent graphics and navigation

Activity: Twenties Timeline

American Cultural History-The Twentieth Century

Great site for accessing resources of the different decades throughout the Twentieth Century!

William P. Gottlieb Photographs from the Golden Age of Jazz

The images on the pictures tell a story that accurately describes the cultures of the Golden Jazz Age. Students might need some coaching in learning how to interpret the pictures.

SS.A.5.2.5 Add Website - Add Activity

understands the social and economic impact of the Great Depression on American society.

SS.A.5.2.6 Add Website - Add Activity

understands the political circumstances leading to the involvement of the U.S. in World War II and the significant military events and personalities that shaped the course of the war.

SS.A.5.2.7 Add Website - Add Activity

knows the economic, political, and social transformations that have taken place in the United States since World War II.

Project Whistlestop

Documents and photos, primary sources for understanding 20th century history. The focus of the site is on Truman, but there are also excellent links under "Classroom Projects and Games" about how to do research in the classroom.

SS.A.5.2.8 Add Website - Add Activity

knows the political and military aspects of United States foreign relations since World War II.

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