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Social Studies

A. Time, Continuity, and Change [History]: 3. The student understands Western and Eastern civilization since the Renaissance.: 3-5: The student...

SS.A.3.2.1 Add Website - Add Activity

knows significant people and their contributions in the field of communication and technology (e.g., inventors of various nonelectronic and electronic communication devices such as the steam engine and the television) and the impact of these devices on society.

Activity: Influence Renaissance

SS.A.3.2.2 Add Website - Add Activity

knows developments in the humanities since the Renaissance (e.g., Renaissance architecture, Japanese and Chinese influences on art, the impact of literary and theatrical development during the Renaissance, changes in music including opera and ballet, and major movements in the arts in 19th-century Europe).

Leonardo Home Page

From the Museum of Science in Boston. Brief biography of Leonardo Da Vinci; highlights of his inventions; introduction to his way of looking at the world; hands on activities; interactive elements.

SS.A.3.2.3 Add Website - Add Activity

understands the types of laws and government systems that have developed since the Renaissance (e.g., the development of democracy, the rise of totalitarian governments and dictatorships, communism and absolutism).

SS.A.3.2.4 Add Website - Add Activity

understands the post-Renaissance consequences of exploration that occurred during the Age of Discovery (e.g., European colonization in North America and British imperial efforts in India and other countries).

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