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Social Studies

A. Time, Continuity, and Change [History]: 1. The student understands historical chronology and the historical perspective: 3-5: The student...

SS.A.1.2.1 Add Website - Add Activity

understands how individuals, ideas, decisions, and events can influence history.

National Women's History Project

Site includes timeline to trace women's history and a quiz about famous women.

Activity: Timeline of the life of Rev.Dr. Martin L. King, Jr.

Florida Museum of Natural History

On-line museum with great visual appeal. Great resource for Florida teacher - also, Social Studies, Science, and multicultural projects.

SS.A.1.2.2 Add Website - Add Activity

uses a variety of methods and sources to understand history (such as interpreting diaries, letters, newspapers; and reading maps and graphs) and knows the difference between primary and secondary sources.

SS.A.1.2.3 Add Website - Add Activity

understands broad categories of time in years, decades, and centuries.


Florida history geared to 4th grade students interests and understanding.

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