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H. The Nature of Science: 3. The student understands that science, technology, and society are interwoven and interdependent.: 9-12: The student...

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knows that performance testing is often conducted using small-scale models, computer simulations, or analogous systems to reduce the chance of system failure.

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knows that technological problems often create a demand for new scientific knowledge and that new technologies make it possible for scientists to extend their research in a way that advances science.

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knows that scientists can bring information, insights, and analytical skills to matters of public concern and help people understand the possible causes and effects of events.

Science for the Millennium

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knows that funds for science research come from federal government agencies, industry, and private foundations and that this funding often influences the areas of discovery.

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knows that the value of a technology may differ for different people and at different times.

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knows that scientific knowledge is used by those who engage in design and technology to solve practical problems, taking human values and limitations into account.

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