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F. Processes of Life: 1. The student describes patterns of structure and function in living things.
: 9-12: The student...

SC.F.1.4.1 Add Website - Add Activity

knows that the body processes involve specific biochemical reactions governed by biochemical principles.

MIT Biology Hypertextbook

This website, selected by students and teachers as an award-winning resource, is basically a textbook based on biological concepts.

A bit advanced. Very useful for higher level courses in biology. Contains a nice review of basic chemistry concepts

SC.F.1.4.2 Add Website - Add Activity

knows that body structures are uniquely designed and adapted for their function.

The heart: On Line Exploration

Has a diet and exercise information plus a glossary and anatomical des-criptions.

SC.F.1.4.3 Add Website - Add Activity

knows that membranes are sites for chemical synthesis and essential energy conversions.

SC.F.1.4.4 Add Website - Add Activity

understands that biological systems obey the same laws of conservation as physical systems.


Dramatic photography, video and animations on cell biology, microlife, evolution and marine organisms plus an on-line catalog of BioMEDIA’s multimedia teaching resources.

SC.F.1.4.5 Add Website - Add Activity

knows that complex interactions among the different kinds of molecules in the cell cause distinct cycles of activity governed by proteins.

SC.F.1.4.6 Add Website - Add Activity

knows that separate parts of the body communicate with each other using electrical and/or chemical signals.

Ecplore the Brain and Spinal

Explore the brain and spinal cord. Great for teacher and student use at all grade levels.

SC.F.1.4.7 Add Website - Add Activity

knows that organisms respond to internal and external stimuli.

SC.F.1.4.8 Add Website - Add Activity

knows that cell behavior can be affected by molecules from other parts of the organism or even from other organisms.


Different types of human, bacterial, and other cells depicted in videos and pictures(electromicroscope).

Activity: Simulating transmission of the Aids virus

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