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F. Processes of Life: 1. The student describes patterns of structure and function in living things.
: 3-5: The student...

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knows that the human body is made of systems with structures and functions that are related.

Your Gross and Cool Body

This site was designed with kids in mind! Kids love this site! It delves into all the normal bodily functions that kids wonder about and explains what causes them.

This site can be blocked by a proxy just based on its title. However, I learned about this site from the session put on at FETC by the Eisenhower Math and Science Foundation. If your proxy blocks it, request that it be unblocked.

Activity: Endocrine System Diagram

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knows how all animals depend on plants.

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knows that living things are different but share similar structures.

The Electronic Zoo

An index of every classification of animal, real and imaginary, is included on this site! When you click on a category, it takes you to a page with links to sites on the Web about that category of animal. There are also links to sites with animal sounds which you can download or purchase.

Yucky Roach World

Everything you've ever wanted to know about the bug everyone loves to hate, the roach. The Roach Anatomy section discusses how roach internal anatomy differs from ours but performs basically the same functions. Cool site!

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knows that similar cells form different kinds of structures.

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