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F. Processes of Life: 1. The student describes patterns of structure and function in living things.
: PreK-2: The student...

SC.F.1.1.2 Add Website - Add Activity

knows how to apply knowledge about life processes to distinguish between living and non-living things.

The Electric Zoo

The Electric Zoo is a great resource for teachers or students doing research on animals. It contains a vast number of links for every type of animal. The Electric Zoo also provides vet suggestions for the proper care of animals and pets.

SC.F.1.1.3 Add Website - Add Activity

describes how organisms change as they grow and mature.

Children's Butterfly Site Coloring Page of Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle

This coloring activity teaches students about the life cycle of butterflies and moths.

SC.F.1.1.4 Add Website - Add Activity

understands that structures of living things are adapted to their function in specific environments.

The Insects Home Page

Students can learn all about insects, their habitats, how they live, and how to care for them. There are activities, coloring pages and links to many Bug Clubs and societies.

Activity: Are You My Mother?

Activity: What's Bugging You?

SC.F.1.1.5 Add Website - Add Activity

compares and describes the structural characteristics of plants and animals.

Under The Sea

A second grade project with d etailed graphics and information about different animals that live under the sea.

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