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D. Processes that Shape the Earth: 2. The student understands the need for protection of the natural systems on Earth.: 3-5: The student...

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knows that using, recycling, and reducing the use of natural resources improve and protect the quality of life.

Virtual Recycling

A site with descriptions, quizzes and links about recycling and the environment.

Household Waste

This is a wonderful web site for students to browse through on their own. It includes information on hazardous products, waste management, and recycling. In addition, the pictures and graphs are appealing to students of all ages. It even includes a glossary, reference, and a quiz that students can take.

Quest of the Ringleaders

Interactive game about pollution and environmental cleanup Created by ITW (commercial organization)

Biosystems and Agriculture

recycling, pollution,natural resources and the environment Great web site!

You Can Make Paper

Discover how you and your students can make recycled paper in three easy steps.

Environmental Protection Agency for Kids

students can get an overview of environmental issues and what they can do to help save the earth. The recycle city link is a great interactive site too!

Composting with Red Wiggler Worms Urban Agricultural Notes

This site provides information on how to establish a worm compost. A step by step guide.

Welcome to ReCycle City

Recycle city is an imaginary town that demonstrates the value of recycling

Envirolink Network

Contains news articles and resources about environmental issues.

Created by the Network for Change.

Science, grades 3-5

This web site has really neat recycling activities that can be used with children of all ages.

Earth 911

This site contains various information regarding recycling, products, sites, etc.

Unscramble Worksheet

This is a worksheet for using reuse, reduce and recycle as vocabulary words.

The Composting Council of Canada

This site provides background information and tips on composting. It has a list of 25 FAQ's on composting. It describes backyard and community composting methods and troubleshooting.

Welcome to Recycle City

This attractive and fun site allows students to SEE how the people of Dumptown turn their backward town around. They can also FIND out how Recycle City reduces waste and saves money!! Finally, they LEARN more about recycling than they ever dared.

Activity: Create a Dirt Dessert

Recycle City

Student friendly web site that helps students understand recycling. It includes games, activities and many graphics.

Activity: Earth Day Recycle

Activity: Recycling


This is a website full of marine animal information. It is a super resource for student animal reports and current information about the animal world. Has information on educational programs and adventure camps. Be sure to check out the penguin cam which allows students to gaze into the the penguin habitat at Seaworld. The next best thing to being there. How Awesome!!!

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