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D. Processes that Shape the Earth: 1. The student recognizes that processes in the lithosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere, and biosphere interact to shape the Earth.: 9-12: The student...

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knows how climatic patterns on Earth result from an interplay of many factors (Earth,s topography, its rotation on its axis, solar radiation, the transfer of heat energy where the atmosphere interfaces with lands and oceans, and wind and ocean currents).

How do Hurricanes Work?

What a hurricane is, how it is formed, explanation of radar images, includes lin ks to hurricane diagram and making a hurricane spiral

Activity: Create Wind Currents


Hydroponic lesson plans, frequently asked questions, pictures and hydroponics discussion forums.

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knows that the solid crust of Earth consists of slow-moving, separate plates that float on a denser, molten layer of Earth and that these plates interact with each other, changing the Earth's surface in many ways (e.g., forming mountain ranges and rift valleys, causing earthquake and volcanic

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knows that changes in Earth's climate, geological activity, and life forms may be traced and compared.


Describes glaciers, and other forces at work in Antarctica

Making Your Own Salt Piece

In the style of salt artist Jrg Lenzlinger, make your own artistic salt creation in the classroom or at home. For Lenzlinger's Salt Piece, see:

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knows that Earth's systems and organisms are the result of a long, continuous change over time.

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