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C. Force and Motion: 1. The student understands that types of motion may be described, measured, and predicted.: 9-12: The student...

SC.C.1.4.1 Add Website - Add Activity

knows that all motion is relative to whatever frame of reference is chosen and that there is no absolute frame of reference from which to observe all motion.

Is There an Absolute Reference Frame for Time and Space?

A brief discussion on relative and absolute frames of reference.

Nova Online Relativity And Cosmos

Great introduction to Einstein and provides information on his Theories.

ACEPT Learning Science & Math in 21st century

Site includes lab setting for students to perform experiments with motion of an object. Site has additional labs available for other areas in science.

Dave's Relativity Page

Easy to understand discussion of Einstein's Theory of Special Relativity. Provides an overview and examples of relative frames of reference.

SC.C.1.4.2 Add Website - Add Activity

knows that any change in velocity is an acceleration.

Motion, Energy, and Simple Machines

Newton's Laws of Motion - Descriptions and Experiments

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