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A. The Nature of Matter: 2. The student understands the basic principles of atomic theory.: 9-12: The student...

SC.A.2.4.1 Add Website - Add Activity

knows that the number and configuration of electrons will equal the number of protons in an electrically neutral atom and when an atom gains or loses electrons, the charge is unbalanced.

SC.A.2.4.2 Add Website - Add Activity

knows the difference between an element, a molecule, and a compound.

SC.A.2.4.3 Add Website - Add Activity

knows that a number of elements have heavier, unstable nuclei that decay, spontaneously giving off smaller particles and waves that result in a small loss of mass and release a large amount of energy.

SC.A.2.4.4 Add Website - Add Activity

knows that nuclear energy is released when small, light atoms are fused into heavier ones.

SC.A.2.4.5 Add Website - Add Activity

knows that elements are arranged into groups and families based on similarities in electron structure and that their physical and chemical properties can be predicted.

A Periodic Table of Elements at Los Alamos National Labratory

An interactive periodic table of elements established by the Los Alamos National Labratory. This site is frequently updated as well.

Chemcool Periodic Table

Interactive periodic table which allows you to access information about the elements


This site show the periodic tables, with an explanation and pronunciation of each element

The Pictorial Periodic Table

Interactive site allows students to search for information about chemicals elements. Also has links to alternate styles of the Periodic Table

General Chemistry on the Web

A chemistry lecture that includes information about the periodic table and the relationships between elements.

Periodic Table

This is a somewhat interactive periodic table that can be sorted by atomic number, name, and symbol. Clicking on any element brings up a list of it physical properties.

Chemical Elements

This website gives a very detailed periodic table. It classifies the elements using color codes. It also identifies and gives information about each element.

SC.A.2.4.6 Add Website - Add Activity

understands that matter may act as a wave, a particle, or something else entirely different with its own characteristic behavior.

Some Basic Ideas about Quantum Mechanics

An introduction to the basic concepts of quantum mechanics.

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